Do you need a new input in order to get on with your life? Are you standing at a turning point or crossroad in your life in relation to your job situation, relations, relationships, carrier, emotional life or spiritual life?

Perhaps you’re just looking to find answers to questions like: Who am I? What resources do I have? What are my challenges? Why do I act as I do? Why do I experience the same patterns in jobs or relationships over and over again? Maybee you have reached a wall and are trying to find your next step?

I offer you astrology readings with special focus on your life themes and your situation in life, where I will spend 5-6 hours preparing your horoscope and consultation.

When you order a consultation, I will ask you for your time, date and year of birth and your birthplace. If you don’t have your time of birth, you can order it from here:

Before I do a first time reading I will do a “Birth time Rectification”. For that purpose I will need a short event-list with 8-10 essential events during your life. This is to make sure we work with your correct Chart and prognosis.

You get:

  • a 2 hour consultation, sometimes longer if needed.
  • an astrological profile with your special life themes, challenges, background, emotional life, relationships, resources and possibilities
  • a reading and prognosis for the coming year with focus on your special challenges and possibilities

I do readings via Zoom if you need it and I do readings in Danish and English.

I also specialize in "competences and work patterns", where you receive a life theme reading focusing solely on your work life or work patterns.

You can also combine an Astrology reading with a coaching session or a longer coaching process.


First time astrology reading: 2.000.-DKK
This includes Birth time Rectification; life themes reading & prognosis for the coming year

Follow-up: Prognosis for the coming year 1,300.-DKK