Astromind offers astrology readings, life coaching, dream interpretation, humble guidance in various spiritual experiences , lectures & workshops in astrology.

Your future is created from your inner life

In my experience we need to form our lives from the inside out for them to be authentic and fulfilling. You have to find your own way, your own resources and the voice from your soul to create a deeply meaningful life.

Finding your path

My wish  is to support you to find your path and handle your challenges, support you to see and transform those challenges into resources and help you unfold your unique talents, dreams and wishes, whether it is in your private, spiritual or professional life.

Sometimes there's is wisdom in madness

I believe there is meaning behind many of the difficult challenges and periods in life we experience. Life wants to teach us something when we meet difficult periods or go through deep crises in our lives. What may seem chaotic at the time will very often make sense later on in life.

Let your soul join you at work

There isn't necessarily a strong vocation written in burning letters in your horoscope, but your unique combination of resources, work patterns, dreams and potential will show. If you want to experience joy in your work life, these matters are truly relevant.

My approach to support you

I offer you my life experience as well as my professional experience as a coach, astrologer and consultant. You will get a professional as well as personal consultation, where focus is on your life situation. You can trust in my absolute confidentiality.