Do you have dreams that worry you or do you want to see your dreams in a bigger perspective? Do you have experiences in your dreams you find difficult to cope with? It could be big dreams, nightmares, lucid dreams etc. Perhaps you have spiritual experiences or out-of-body experiences, that you find it difficult to cope with.

Often you will experience many dreams during periods of crisis or turbulent periods in your life. Dreams can give you an unique perspective on your life and guidelines for your personal and spiritual development. Sometimes we can have spiritual openings that we need to integrate in our mindset.

I am autodidactic in dream interpretation with deep experience in dreams and experiences which appear at special times in your life e.g. crises or periods with spiritual development or openings, kundalini experiences, lucid dreaming, nightmares, out-of-body-experiences and peak experiences.

I have a lifelong personal experience with the whole above spectrum but I am also inspired by various approaches to the understanding of dream life and spiritual experiences for instance the approaches of Carl Gustav Jung, Roberto Assagioli, Stanislav Grof, Carlos Castaneda, Psychosynthesis, Martinus, Theosophy etc.

I offer you conversations and my humble guidance and support in this area & disclaiming being an expert. A consultation is typically 1½-2 hours


Consultation (2 hours): /900 DKK