Do you have dreams that worry you or do you want to see your dreams in a bigger perspective? Do you have experiences in your dreams you find it difficult to understand or cope with? For instance; big dreams, nightmares or lucid dreams?

Perhaps you have spiritual experiences, glimpse of previous incarnations, kundalini experiences, kundalini syndrome or symptoms, kundalini awakening (not to be confused with a full kundalini awakening) out-of-body experiences, changed sense of time, strong synchronicities, a feeling of death, dark periods that makes you associate to the "dark night of the soul", feeling like living in a limbo-land or other experiences that you find it difficult to cope with or just curious about.

Often, we will experience many dreams during periods of existential crisis or turbulent periods in our lives. Dreams can give you an unique perspective on your life and guidelines for your personal and spiritual development.

It can happen that we experience minor or even extreme spiritual openings through dreams, meditation or triggered by a life crisis or even during pregnancy or during a birth.

Extreme spiritual openings are characterized by lightning-fast new insights; time seems speeded up or extremely slowed down, you can have periodic access to altered states of consciousness, changes in perception, wonderful joy, excitement and new insights, but also worries or even anxiety - wondering what on earth is happening? 

The psychiatrist Stanislav Grof - who is considered one of the primary developers of transpersonal psychology, who have researched for decades in the area of non-ordinary states of consciouness - name these conditions and periods "spiritual emergency"; extreme spiritual openings and experiences that we need to integrate in our world view, so we do not risk lose grounding or worst case hit a psychosis.

It is essential to know, that spiritual openings can involve both dark and light elements and recognitions - both are often necessary elements in a genuine transpersonal and spiritual development, because purification and healing of old wounds or karmic bindings from the past always comes prior to transpersonal development - by this I mean transpersonal development in the sense of development of consciousness or "soul infusion" if we use the expression of Alice Bailey.

A spiritual emergency can be a soulful invitation to healing fast from wounds in your past but first you have to pass the burning ground. A break through can be disguised as a breakdown at first, it can be crucial to know the difference.

It can be very difficult if not impossible to find some guidance in such periods. Mainstream psychology does not yet have a clue - nor very likely your family and  friends - how do understand and guide you through transpersonal experiences or transpersonal crises - worst case they do not acknowledge that kind of experiences at all. Transpersonal psychology is just in its infancy.

In such periods in our lives, we often need to reframe our world view and handle the impact that such experiences have on our lives. Everything can change in such periods; our relations, our view on ourselves, our perspective, our lives and meaning, we might lose interest and meaning in our job etc. Your known life might fall apart, but you are also given new opportunities. In the long term it will most likely change your life in a positive and more meaningful direction, but there can be long periods of feeling lost before you reach your new solid platform, perspective and meaning and have fully integrated such experiences in a new worldview.

I am autodidact in dream interpretation, having more than 30 years of experience with dreams and experiences which appear at special times in your life e.g., crises, periods with spiritual openings and transpersonal crises and development, kundalini experiences, kundalini syndrome, guiding dreams, lucid dreams, nightmares, out-of-body-experiences and different kind of peak experiences.

During the last 30 years I have also studied - both on my own but also through my psychosynthesis education - various approaches (besides astrology) to the understanding of dreams and spiritual experiences, spiritual openings & spiritual emergency. For instance. the approaches of Carl Gustav Jung, Psychosynthesis by Roberto Assagioli, transpersonal psychology by Stanislav Grof as I mentioned above, Carlos Castaneda, Martinus, Alice Bailey and the Theosophy and many more.

I offer you conversations and my experience as a fellow human - on how to navigate through and integrate that kind of experiences - guidance and support - disclaiming being an expert. A consultation is typically 1½-2 hours.

If needed it is also possible to combined with a horoscope, which would be very helpfull to navigate through times of existential or transpersonal crisis.


Consultation (1-2 hours): /900,- DKK