I give lectures and do workshops in various astrology subjects. A lecture is normally 2½ hours and a workshop 7 hours. See the list below, and call me for an arrangement. You can also arrange for a special subject.

Lectures is also possible via Zoom.

Subjects for lectures (L) and workshops (W):

  • Death & rebirth - the mysterious passage of the progressed Moon through 12th house and the souls opportunity for another
  • "incarnation" in one life (L) NEW
  • The horoscope of Denmark and the Corona situation" (L) NEW
  • "Constellationwork based on the horoscope- expericence the horoscope energetically (L/W) NEW
  • "Astrology for therapists & coaches – how to use astrology to enrich therapy and coaching" (L/W)
  • "How to Identify sub-personalities in the Horoscope" (L/W)
  • "The horoscope of Scotland & the independence referendum - will there be a new chance?" (L)
  • "Retrograde planets in a new perspective - what is the esoteric meaning of retrograde personal Planets?" (L)
  • "How to understand retrograde Mercury – an exoteric & esoteric approach" (L)
  • "How to use the horoscope for understanding learning and teaching patterns" (L/W)
  • "Saturn and the Moon – how to understand the mother and your father archetypes in the horoscope" (L/W)
  • "Venus and Mars – two ways of being in the world and the dynamics between them" (L/W)
  • "Planets with no aspects – how do they work?" (L/W)
  • "The moon-nodes in the Horoscope – how to understand them on an esoteric level" (L)
  • "Neptune - a way to illusion & illumination" (L)
  • "Uranus - a way to distortion & individuation" (L)
  • "Pluto –  a way to destruction & transformation" (L)



Lectures - Ask for price

Workshop - 1 day (10am-17pm) including 1 hour lunch break and 2 short breaks during the day

500, - DKK per participant plus transportation (Minimum 8 participants, maximum 16 participants).