Life coaching involves working with any life challenge in your personal life, work life or spiritual life.

You can work with your challenges and goals and we will focus on developing and exploring certain areas in your life. Whether you want to stop smoking, develop your relationships or skills or find your life’s purpose, it is possible.

I use many different methods and approaches to coaching, e.g. psychosynthesis, meditation, systemic constellation, dreamwork etc.

  • Standalone coaching session – 2 hours
  • Coaching process – typical 5-7 times, 1½ hours each time
  • The first time we meet – when you wish to start a long coaching process; You will have the chance to find out if our chemistry works before committing to a longer process.
  • During the first coaching session I will do a short interview to get a feel for your situation in life. I will ask you about your purpose and goal for the coaching process and we will find out how many times and how often we are to meet. Usually I recommend 5-7 times with 3-4 weeks in between.
  • Coaching via Zoom is a possibility, but I recommend that we meet the first time face to face if possible.


Standalone coaching session (2 hours): 1.200,-DKK 

Coaching process (6 times x 1½ hour each time)  4.500,-DKK