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Astrology readings

Do you need a fresh perspective to move forward in your life? Are you at a turning point or crossroads in relation to your job, relationships, career, emotional life, or spiritual life? Perhaps you're undergoing significant changes or facing a life crisis?

Maybe you're seeking answers to questions such as: Who am I? What inner resources do I possess? What are my challenges? Why do I behave the way I do? Why do I find myself repeating the same patterns in jobs or relationships? Maybe you've hit a wall and are searching for a door to your next journey?

I offer astrology readings with a special focus on your life themes and current life situation. I devote 4-5 hours to preparing your horoscope and the consultation is not just a one-way communication; it is a dialogue where there is always room for questions.

When you request a consultation, I will ask for your date, time, and place of birth. If you don't have your exact time of birth, you can get it for free from the following link:

Before a reading, I will do a "birth time rectification." For this purpose, I will need a brief list of 8-10 significant events in your life. Rectifying your birth time is crucial to ensure that we work with the correct chart and prognosis.

Why birth time rectification is important

Clients often ask me why the birth time needs to be so precise. The answer lies in the fact that even if you receive your birth certificate from official authorities in Denmark or other countries, they only guarantee the accuracy of the birth time within a 15-minute window. The midwife could have been occupied, the clock may have been incorrect, or they may have forgotten to note it down and tried to recall it later.

Just a few minutes of error in the birth time can result in an inaccurate chart. For example, your ascendant or moon sign could be wrong. Even your sun sign could be inaccurate if you were born close to the boundary between two signs. If the birth time is off by just few minutes, the prognosis will be off.  Time and timing are essential in astrology, which is why professional astrologers always perform birth time rectification.

A full astrology session with me includes:

  • A two-hour conversation.
  • An astrological profile highlighting your unique life themes, challenges, background, emotional life, relationships, resources, and possibilities.
  • A reading and prognosis for the upcoming year, with a focus on your specific inner and outer challenges and possibilities.
  • I offer readings via Zoom if needed, and I offer sessions in both Danish and English.

I also specialize in "competences and work patterns," where you can receive a life theme reading focused solely on your work life or work patterns.

You can also combine an astrology reading with a coaching session or engage in a more extensive coaching process. 

Prices for different types of astrology sessions:

  • First-time astrology reading: This includes birth time rectification, a comprehensive life themes reading, and a prognosis (challenges and possibilities) for the upcoming year:
    Private clients; 2.100,-DKK ex VAT (including VAT; 2.625 DKK)
    Business clients 2.900,- DKK ex VAT (including VAT 3.625 DKK)
  • Follow-up session: For former clients. Dialogue¬† about challenges and possibilities for the upcoming year:
    Private clients: 1.500,- DKK ex VAT (including VAT 1.875 DKK)
    Business clients 1.800,- DKK ex VAT (Including VAT 2.250 DKK)
  • Deep exploration: For former clients. If you wish to delve deeply into a specific theme, engaging in a dialogue about a special topic:
    Private clients: 1.500,- DKK ex VAT (including VAT 1.875,-DKK)
    Business clients: 1.800,- DKK ex VAT (including VAT 2.250,-DKK)
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