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Existential coaching

Existential coaching involves working on any life challenge in your personal life, work life, or spiritual life.

You can address your existential crisis and questions, your search for meaning in life, your challenges and goals, and we will focus on developing and exploring specific areas of your life. Whether you want to improve your relationships, enhance your skills, or get closer to your life's purpose, it is possible.

My coaching approach is existential, seeking meaning to support you. I utilize various methods and approaches, such as psychosynthesis, meditation, systemic constellation, dreamwork, and more.

  • Standalone coaching session – 1,5 hours
  • Coaching process – typically 5-6 sessions, each lasting 1½ hours
  • In the first coaching session, I will conduct a brief interview to gain an understanding of your life situation. I will inquire about your purpose and goals for the coaching process, and we will determine the number and frequency of our sessions. Typically, I recommend
    5-6 sessions with 3-4 weeks between each session.
  • Coaching via Zoom is possible, but if feasible, I recommend an in-person meeting for our initial session.


  • Coaching session (1,5 hours) 
    Private clients: 1.200,- DKK ex VAT (including VAT 1.500,-DKK)
    Business clients: 1.500-DKK ex VAT (including VAT 1.875,- DKK)
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