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Lectures & workshops

I give occasional lectures and workshops on various subjects related to astrology, existentialism, and transpersonal psychology. A lecture typically lasts around 2-3 hours, while a workshop is approximately 7 hours long.

The list of lectures and workshops provides a window into my specific areas of interest, drawing from practical experience, research, and studies.

Lectures can also be conducted via Zoom, and they are available in both Danish and English.

If you want to be informed of upcomming workshops and lectures, please send me an e-mail or subscribe to my Newsletter.

Subjects for lectures (L) and workshops (W)

  • Systemic constellation Work Based on the Horoscope (W)
  • Mercury and the Stairway to Heaven: The esoteric meaning of Mercurys role in the transformation of human consciousness (L)
  • Uranus, the Cycle of Uranus, and the Connection to Potential Kundalini Awakening (L)
  • The Dweller on the Threshold and Transpersonal Development (L)
  • The esoteric Law of Sacrifice and Transpersonal Development (L)
  • Moon Traumas, Moon Patterns, and the Risk of Spiritual Bypass (L)
  • How to Use Astrology to Approach and Understand Cyclical Crisis and Unique Individual Crisis (L)
  • Understanding Transpersonal Crisis in the Light of Psychosynthesis and Astrology (L)
  • An Esoteric Approach to Interpret the Lunar Nodes on the Path of Transpersonal Development (L)
  • How to Understand and Support Spiritual Emergency with a Perspective from Psychosynthesis, Stanislav Grof, and Astrology (L)
  • Death, Purification, and Rebirth: The Mysterious Passage of the Progressed Moon through the 12th House (L)
  • The Transpersonal Planets: Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto, and Their Role in Transformation and Transpersonal Development (L)
  • How to Identify Sub-personalities in the Horoscope with a Perspective from Psychosynthesis (L)
  • The Horoscope of Scotland and the Independence Referendum: Will There Be a New Chance? (L)
  • How to Understand Retrograde Mercury: An Exoteric and Esoteric Approach (L)
  • How to Use the Horoscope to Facilitate and Understand Learning and Teaching Patterns (L)


Lectures: Please inquire for the price.

Workshops: 1-day duration (10 am-5 pm) with a 1-hour lunch break and 2 short breaks during the day. Please inquire for the price.

Lectures & workshops
Lectures & workshops
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